My story

From Pain to Freedom of Movement

My path to becoming a physiotherapist was driven by a sincere aspiration to help people feel more at ease, strong and capable in their bodies. My own encounter with persistent pain began during my time in university, while I was working as a physiotherapy assistant. A patient unexpectedly collapsed into my arms during a transfer into bed, suddenly straining my body. This incident led to a challenging two years of enduring persistent pain. It was this experience that sparked my deep interest in guiding others on their journey to overcoming pain.

In my early years of practice, I noticed that my attention could become laser focused on one specific area of the body, overlooking the interconnectedness of the physical being. This realization led me to further my education in pain science, craniosacral therapy, and yoga. This learning opened my eyes to a more holistic view of each individual which led to a deeper understanding of each patient and a clearer path to healing.

My journey to treat the whole person


My relationship with yoga started over 25 years ago with a single class that sparked my curiosity about the connection between mind, body and spirit. This experience sowed the seeds of a lasting passion, guiding me to complete my yoga teacher training in 2016 under Caroline Owen, a teacher in the Krishnamacharya lineage. This particular style of yoga emphasizes function over form, aligning perfectly with my therapeutic approach. Since then, I have expanded my knowledge through a wide variety of yoga related courses, most recently embarking on training to become a certified yoga therapist with Functional Synergy.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy brought me to a deeper and more intimate understanding of the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. With over 700 hours of training and several years of practice in craniosacral therapy, I have honed my skills to listen to the body’s subtle rhythms and facilitate patterns that foster health.

Pain Science

My training with Neil Pearson, assistant professor at the University of British Columbia, validated the significance of the mind-body connection in persistent pain. The latest research in neuroscience supports the significant impact that the mind and emotions have on pain as well as the positive effect they can have on healing. I love empowering people experiencing long standing pain with education, as I have seen the benefit of understanding neuroplasticity in the healing journey.

I believe that addressing the multifaceted aspects of an individual’s experience is key to alleviating persistent pain. I also believe in the body’s incredible, innate capacity to heal when it is given the attention it needs.

Experience the difference of a whole person approach

“I’d love to help you experience freedom of movement so you can get back to the activities that bring you joy.”

In my practice, I integrate my 30 plus years of experience as a physiotherapist with the ancient wisdom of yoga. I have found that by treating the whole person, not just their symptoms, truly amazing results can be achieved. The nurturing relationship that I develop with my clients is a key component of the healing process.

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